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Cuando Me Enamoro

I love reading but when it comes to the Bible, it’s difficult for me to keep a routine reading the word of God daily.

Oh, let me correct the sentence.

It’s difficult for me to keep a routine reading the Bible from the beginning ’till the end. Honestly, I get lazy after a few days esp when I can’t relate the message to the modern world problem.

Therefore, I feel so grateful to Nicky and Pippa Gumbel who created the Bible in One Year app!

Now, I’m not a very religious person but I do believe in Him, pray and go to the church. Peace be with me when I surrender what may come, for I know nothing about destiny.

Today’s reading revealed the apostle Paul felt frustrated at not being able to be with and speak face-to-face with the Galatians. However…

Sometimes not getting what you want can be the best thing that can happen.

When I Fall in Love

sevilla matador red clothes sexy ass postcard spain memento
Red like fire – Sevilla, Spain (2018)

Cuando me enamoro
When I fall in love

I hope the future me won’t regret writing this post porque it’s personal and important to me.

I never have a list of an ideal partner, but I do pray that one day I’ll meet someone who’s x,y,z. After so many ‘thank you, next’ and enjoying myself traveling solo…

…he found me.

He’s everything that I wished for but as I always believe, life is full of surprises. We can never get exactly what we want but we have the opportunity – to take the chance or leave.

Call me crazy, but I’d rather die young without regret than live with regret.

It’s the same feeling when I booked my one-year-later trip, flight ticket, etc. I never knew what would happen the next year but I believed that I’d make it. And I did.

See the list of the country I visited for travel inspiration

Hay Algo Que Me Gusta De Ti

female tourist facing front white hat black dress lost in spain
“Let’s get lost together.”

Hay algo que me gusta de ti
There’s something I like about you

He’s not a Prince Charming with suit and tie.

He’s my Aragorn with a tender heart.

He’s not a Prince Charming who sweeps me off my feet then put me on a white horse.

He’s my Indiana Jones who sweeps me off my feet then we’ll off for adventures.

“Let’s get lost together,” he said.
Si, Señor.

Pero por dentro entiendo que no puedo
Y a veces me pierdo
Cuando me enamoro
A veces desespero
Cuando me enamoro
Cuando menos me lo espero, me enamoro
Se detiene el tiempo
Me viene el alma al cuerpo
Sonrío, cuando me enamoro

But inside I understand that I can’t
And sometimes I get lost
When I Fall in Love
Sometimes despair
When I Fall in Love
When I least expect it, I fall in love
The time stops
My soul comes to my body
I smile when I fall in love

Sometimes not getting what you want can be the best thing that can happen

Adios, mi el toro


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