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Missing Spain Nightlife? Turn On These Songs for Latino Vibe

I literally MISSED the nightlife in Spain when I went there in 2018. My luggage was missing, I had no idea when it would turn up.

As I had to be conscious of my spending for the next 9 days, I swallowed my dream of dancing with an attractive señor in a Spanish bar. Adiós! :'(

Speaking about Spain and Latin songs, I’ve been stuck at home for almost a month and it starts to take a toll on me emotionally.

I . need . to . spice up this bedroom-living room-balcony-mini market routine!

So, I often listen to Latin songs because they have catchy, sensual beats. They put colour on my black and white mood & make me feel better. Even better when I’m ironing – give it a try 😉

Okay, without further ado, here are some Latin and Latin-inspired songs that I recommend:

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And of course… who can resist Gasolina by Daddy Yankee? This song made a hit (again) on Twitter Saturday Night, April 4 after Lil’ John and T-Pain Instagram battle.

It’s Reggaeton baby, show me some moves and work that abs + bums!

BONUS: If you don’t feel like dancing, check out my favourite 45-minute cardio sculpt workout video. The movements are easy to follow, you’ll be drenched in sweat and feel really good after that.

I hope this post help you someway to overcome the lockdown breakdown. Or at least make you feel better.

After listing my favourite Latin songs, I feel like visiting Barcelona… I didn’t go there that time. Maybe I should return to Spain and reclaim my stolen dream, hehe!

Stay safe and healthy, everyone 🙂

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