girl hold chinese paper fan sit down red door background hoi an night market agirlnamedclara

It’s not China. It’s Hoi An Night Market in Vietnam

By looking at the photo, one might think it’s a night market in China. But no, this photo is taken in Hoi An Night Market, Vietnam.

As the hope for walking down the AirAsia/MAS/Emirates aisle this year becomes 50/50, I hope I could spark joy by sharing my wonderful experience with this post. If you’re a foodie, take note! 😉

Located in Nguyen Hoang Street, a trip to Hoi An isn’t complete without visiting the vibrant, exotic night market which opens from 5pm to 10pm. It’s very lively – thanks to the colourful lanterns, vibrant bridge and tourists (with great appetite).

tanh binh riverside hotel hoi an agirlnamedclara
This is the hotel where I stayed with the tour group

There are many nice hotels near the night market, so you don’t have to worry about walking home at night. The city is very safe but if you’re going back alone, don’t be too late. Just in case 😉

tanh binh riverside hotel hoi an room transparent bathroom agirlnamedclara
The room is big with a transparent bathroom. I seduced… no one. I travelled alone, LOL
girl blue dress sit tanh binh riverside hotel hoi an swimming pool garden agirlnamedclara
Beautiful swimming pool area with iconic lanterns
tanh binh riverside hotel hoi an chinese buffet breakfast agirlnamedclara
The breakfast buffet is very yummy!

The Bird House, a Cute Cafe in Hoi An

  • cute decoration hoi an bird cafe iced chocolate night river view agirlnamedclara

After you walked through the gate, The Bird House is one of the cute cafes you’ll first see. Just like the name, you’ll see many bird cage-style seats with elegant colour combinations like gold, brown and blue.

They don’t have many varieties for the menu, but I really enjoyed my iced chocolate. With such cute decorations and quality drinks, the price is very affordable.

asian girl smile holds iced chocolate bird house cafe hoi an agirlnamedclara
Where in Malaysia can you sit in a cafe like this and get a glass of iced chocolate for around RM10?
girl sipping drink bird cafe hoi an night agirlnamedclara
Enjoy your drink with a beautiful night view of the river

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Foodies, Get Your Tummy and Camera Ready for Hoi An Night Market!

traditional snack grilled rice paper pork hoi an night market agirlnamedclara

There’s so much to see and try when you’re in Hoi An Night Market. I did go with a tour group but we were free to roam alone. As the group consisted of married couples and families, I explored the market alone.

I may not able to taste many food but I took so many photos. Hopefully, they are helpful especially when you miss going to the night market!

Meanwhile, this is one of my favourite Jay Chou’s songs that I feel perfect to listen to when viewing the rest of the photos, hehe~

hoi an night market wedding couple in boat photo shoot agirlnamedclara
Wedding photo shoot on a boat is common here
wedding photo shoot couple smile on a boat hoi an at night agirlnamedclara
hoi an golden bridge night market agirlnamedclara
The golden bridge is very outstanding at night!
tourist stand outside a cafe hoi an night market agirlnamedclara
You can explore the night market on foot…
bicycle and lantern hoi an night market agirlnamedclara
…with bicycle, or…
tourist sit on rickshaw hoi an night market agirlnamedclara
…with a rickshaw!
woman night market stall sit by river hoi an agirlnamedclara
man buys sweet dessert drink hawker seller hoi an night market agirlnamedclara
coconut peanut crepe snack hoi an night market agirlnamedclara
Coconut and peanut round crepe
banana chocolate crepe hoi an night market agirlnamedclara
Banana chocolate crepe
vegetable egg grilled rice paper crispy hoi an night market agirlnamedclara
Grilled rice paper with egg, pork and vegetables
bbq snack on a stick hoi an night market agirlnamedclara
woman smile toy seller hoi an night market agirlnamedclara
A woman selling 3D greeting cards and toys
beautiful 3D greeting card hoi an night market agirlnamedclara
Beautiful cards!
girl smile sit in front chinese toy stall hoi an night market agirlnamedclara
I love the setting!
girl holds traditional paper fan vietnam girl picture agirlnamedclara
Traditional Vietnamese paper fan
colorful lantern shine on menu hoi an night market agirlnamedclara
girl walk pass by lantern shop hoi an night market agirlnamedclara
woman sell sweet drinks in alley hoi an night market agirlnamedclara
family roadside cafe sit outside hoi an nightmarket agirlnamedclara
live show game attraction hoi an night market full tourist agirlnamedclara
Live show game attraction
tourist join quiz game live show hoi an night market agirlnamedclara

I really miss travelling… I’ve prepared myself for the worst outcome aka can only travel next year.

It’s ok not to feel ok. But never stop the gratitude, that you’re still breathing and healthy.

It’s ok to feel bored staying at home for maybe, another year. Hopefully, our patience and perseverance pay off – maybe in other areas of our lives like career, relationship or health.

I hope my happy post about Hoi An Night Market cheers you up. Stay positive, everyone!

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