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The Crab Migration in Trinidad, Cuba

Being a wanderlust is a blessing, but not when you really need to travel yet have no resources.

After what happened last week, I just want to travel to somewhere far, far away…

Alas, I’m a wanderlust with minimal resources. I can’t because I had paid the deposit for my 2020 Europe trip.

As an Indonesian passport-holder, I need to show the embassy that I have enough resources so they’ll grant me the Schengen visa. Therefore, I can’t simply go for a last-minute trip and jeopardizing what I’ve planned in the first place.

The Cuban Crab Migration, from TV to Reality

I can’t remember exactly when I saw the crab migration on TV. At that moment, Cuba seemed very far and I had no plan to set foot in the country.

However, I’m a lucky wanderlust! As if experiencing Oktoberfest without my knowledge wasn’t enough, the universe let me witnessed the crab migration in March 2018.

solo female traveler smiling cuba red crab migration trinidad
The Cuban crab migration is amazing yet saddening… many of them are crushed by cars

I ‘radically’ switched my travel plan from Northern USA to Cuba when my friend showed me the charm of Havana. In addition, Camila Cabello’s “Havana” suddenly became a hit and pumped my desire to see the country myself.

Talking about Cuba, all I thought about was to experience the Latin culture, sample local foods and visit historical places (hola, Señor Che Guevara and Fidel Castro!).

The crab migration was never in the list. But it was the main reason why Robert, one of my travel buddies, visited the country!

european man traveler white hat smiling inside cuba old taxi
Robert was so happy!

When we’re on the way to Trinidad, he mentioned the plan to our tour leader. He said it was the reason why he decided to travel to Cuba in March. He even said that he made the decision when he saw the news on TV.

Hey, apparently I wasn’t the only one!

Witnessing the Crab Migration in Trinidad

female solo traveler smile happy peak out cuba old taxi car
Bamos! Crab migration, here I come!

Right after we put our luggage in the casa, I, Robert and a couple hopped on a taxi to the destination.

The crab migration happens annually between the months of April to July. If you’re interested, you should come around this period to see thousands of red crabs migrate from the forest to the coast.

According to, it happens on the road that joins the cities of Cienfuegos and Trinidad. Also occurs in Santiago de Cuba, in Guanahacabibes or on the road from Playa Larga to Playa Girón (Matanzas).

As I went to Cuba in March, I didn’t see thousands of crabs. However, it’s still a memorable experience!

people stand in the middle road cienfuegos trinidad cuba crab migration
car crush crab cuban crab migration trinidad
red crab migration roadside trinidad cuba
red crab on the road crab migration trinidad cuba
red crab on the grass roadside trinidad cuba

I can’t travel to somewhere far, far away now. But I have memories from all around the world to cheer me up. I really feel grateful that I always choose experience over things.

Thinking to witness the crab migration in Trinidad, Cuba, next year? You better save up from now as the flight ticket costs a bomb 😉

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