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How to Keep Motivated Until the End of the Year

I can’t wait for the end of the year. How many of you wishing for the same?

I can’t wait to welcome the Ox Year in 2021, with a hope of better (hardworking) days ahead.

I’m not a very superstitious person, but this year 2020 in Chinese 2+0+2+0 = 4 = death, bad luck.

Surely, there are things that I feel grateful for. But we still have four and a half months until the end of the year. What could keep us motivated and carry on?

I found mine, and I’m gonna share them with you in this blog post. It may or may not work for you, but hey! You’ll never know 😉

Keep Dreaming as If Covid-19 Never Happened

ice cream qing he gu uptown damansara korean food_agirlnamedclara
Now you can eat unlimited ice cream without going for a buffet

I miss travelling so much. Plus, I haven’t seen my boyfriend, who’s working in Bali, since March.

I feel demotivated and not sure what to share in my travel-finance blog because I have no inspiration. So… I keep dreaming.

Last weekend, I planned a 12-days trip to Bali. It was quite extensive – from the destination, how many days in each area, what we would do, even the hotels where we would stay in.

Then, I summed up the cost to see how much I should save for the trip. I also found an amazing hotel for the new year countdown and celebrating our first day of 2021.

Obviously, I haven’t booked anything. I didn’t even bother to check the flights because that dream may stay as a dream ’till nobody knows.

But it made me feel happy and motivated!!

Apparently, I’m not the only dreamer. According to TTG Asia, people from overseas are searching for hotels in Bali. However, the search for flights isn’t recovered yet.

“When looking at international travel to Bali, it is seen that hotel searches have almost recovered to pre-Covid levels, but flight searches haven’t shown a recovery yet.”

TTG Asia

Your dream may be different, but try to do an extensive planning (without putting too much expectation) and see if it lifts up your mood and keep you motivated.

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Have Small Celebrations

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If you receive good news or there’s something to be grateful for, have a small celebration for it.

Last week, I finally passed the final exam and able to start working. I was so happy that I decided to have a small celebration with my family. I had a small budget but it’s possible at Qing He Gu.

The Korean restaurant, especially the branch at Damansara Uptown, PJ, offers affordable set lunch daily. The food tastes nice, with a big portion and 5 refillable side dishes.

Plus, there are free unlimited ice cream, Korean coffee and sweet, iced rice water. The set lunch costs from RM18 – RM25 each.

P.S.: it’s non-halal

qing he gu damansara uptown pj entrance signboard_agirlnamedclara
qing he gu set lunch korean food _agirlnamedclara
qing he gu korean food set lunch menu_agirlnamedclara
sweet iced rice water qing he gu korean food damansara uptown pj_agirlnamedclara
free unlimited ice cream qing he gu damansara uptown_agirlnamedclara
qing he gu side dishes korean restaurant damansara uptown pj_agirlnamedclara
Side dishes, from top left-right: fresh vegetables, salad, kimchi, spicy fish cake, sweet and spicy white radish, miso soup, eggplant, garlic beansprout, sweetened pumpkin
sundubu jijigae set lunch at qing he gu damansara uptown korean food_agirlnamedclara
Sundubu-jijigae: spicy soup with tofu, egg, prawn, cucumber and clams
charcoal roasted meat bbq pork delicious yummy qing he gu set lunch korean food damansara uptown_agirlnamedclara
Charcoal roasted pork

With just RM18 – RM22, I feel like eating a buffet at Qing He Gu. Not forget to mention that the quality is very good. The roasted pork was succulent and juicy, I had no problem chomping a big cut!

God, please make my dream comes true. I want to welcome the new year in Bali… Let’s cross our fingers that the Covid-19 cure and vaccine will arrive soon.

I hope your dream comes true 🙂

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