The Day I Gatecrashed a Graduation Party in Turkey

Turkey was my first overseas solo trip in 2014 and I had so much fun. I never thought that on the first night I would gatecrash a graduation party!

But before we go to that, I want to make a declaration. Turkish people are very warm and friendly!

In fact, if you’re small like me, you may get quite a lot of attention – be it from men or women. And then, they will ask you to take photos together!

I’m not sure why. Perhaps they fancy petite girls? Or feel tall when standing beside me? Hehe!

asian girl long black hair pretzel turkish man standing turkey_agirlnamedclara
asian girl Turkish girl posing for camera and pretzel street food_agirlnamedclara

Ok, back to the story of me being a gatecrasher. It was the last event of the day, so the story line of this blog post will go backward 😉

Two Gatecrashers, Disco Time and Lovely Turkish Graduates

asian indian travellers tourists with local Turkish girls standing smilling_agirlnamedclara

After the dinner, I asked Khadijah, my new friend from the tour group, to wander around the hotel. That’s when we met a waiter who informed us that there were people dancing upstairs.

“Really? Can we take a look?” I asked with full enthusiasm. Well, I didn’t want to go to bed after the dinner!

“Yes, sure! You can go upstairs,” he replied.

I and Khadijah really didn’t know what’s happening there. We thought the hotel set the music and people could just come, danced and had fun.

turkish girls dressed up looking down from upstairs_agirlnamedclara

After a while, we thought that it’s kinda strange that there were only girls. Where are the boys? So, I asked one of the girls about the party.

“This is our graduation party. Soon, we will be cooks working in hotels and restaurants in Turkey!”

OMG!!! But before we managed to leave, a group of girls who were dancing saw us and asked us to join them.

Well… why not??? 😀 😀 😀

Beautiful Turkish girls dressed up on a deck sea background_agirlnamedclara

Thank you girls, I had so much fun!! xxx

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Istanbul, Turkey in One Day

asian girl long hair small petite smiling pink flower garden_agirlnamedclara

On my first day in Turkey, I visited the Blue Mosque, Hippodrome of Constantinople, Sophia Hagia, Topkapi Palace, sailed the Marmara Sea and ended the day with dinner at the hotel.

art similar to qr code turkey tour guide_agirlnamedclara
This art looks like a QR code, eh?
traditional meal turkey bread grilled chicken_agirlnamedclara
grey white turkish cat in front of flower garden_agirlnamedclara
elderly sitting gathering on a boat marmara sea turkey_agirlnameclara
Sailing through the Marmara Sea
asian girl standing on a boat look far below turkish flag turkey marmara sea sailing_agirlnamedclara
pistachio baklava turkey on a plate a man tourist reading istanbul travel guide book on dining table_agirlnamedclara
Pistachio baklava. It’s nice but too sweet for me…
asian girl black hair light blue veil sophia hagia blue mosque turkey_agirlnamedclara

Acutally, I almost skip this week’s blog post because I had no inspiration. The social distancing is somehow, limiting my mood and inspiration…

In the midst of my low energy, suddenly I remembered a travel memory that made me giggle. How nice it is to be spontaneous and gatecrash a party in Turkey!

By the way… To those whose graduation ceremony or party has to be postponed due to the pandemic, sorry to hear that…

We need to stay positive and convince ourselves that COVID19 and the lockdown will pass. Our sacrifice for these few weeks will be fruitful – and soon, we’ll be able to walk down the (airplane) isle again 🙂

What about you? Have you ever gatecrashed an event? Do you have any interesting story to share when travelling in Turkey?

Let me know in the comment!

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