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Something Strange Happened When I Was in Vatican City

A few days ago, I’ve been thinking what to write for the next blog post. I’ve made a list of topics for the blog, but I didn’t want to force myself to publish something without the excitement burning inside while typing the article.

On Sunday morning when I arrived at the church, suddenly I got an idea of what to write.

The idea was so simple, yet I felt it would be useful to any of you who are planning to visit Vatican City for Christmas. It’s also for everyone, whether you’re a believer or a free thinker when you travel to sacred places.

After the choir sang a few songs, I knew that I had to share a strange experience when I was in the Vatican.

strange things happen in vatican city

vatican city panting vatican city painting

The Vatican is a very small city, it’s around 15 minutes drive from Rome. I made it as a must-visit destination when I travelled to Italy, especially I’m a Catholic. I visited Italy during summer 2017, it was burning hot!

Remember that your pants or skirt must be below the knees to enter, also avoid showing off your shoulder, chest or back.

For ladies who want to show some skin (esp during summer), keep a pashmina inside your bag to cover yourself when you’re in Vatican City.

vatican city museum

vatican city museum

vatican city travel italy
I kept the pashmina inside my bag whenever I posed for photos

As someone who loves photography, I got excited when I reached there because everything like the weather, view, architecture, and art were stunning.

I wondered if I’d meet Pope Francis. Also, if I could meet a nun or a priest inside The Vatican Museum or St.Peter’s Basilica and take their photo, that would be great!

I’d successfully taken few photos inside St.Peter’s Basilica before, I wondered why at that moment the camera failed to do it.

St.Peter’s Basilica was so beautiful, I didn’t take many photos because I wanted to enjoy the moment. I wanted to adore the curve of the sculpture, the brush stroke of the paintings, the grand design of the altar.

vatican city design

vatican city design

I didn’t meet the pope, but I finally met a priest inside the basilica. That’s when a strange thing happened. The priest was sitting alone, facing the altar, reading a bible. He looked so peaceful and in deep concentration.

I thought to myself, finally, I could have the shot! I wanted to capture the moment through my camera lens, but my camera refused to focus. My camera lens kept on trying to focus on the object but failed.

I’d successfully taken few photos inside St.Peter’s Basilica before, I wondered why at that moment the camera failed to do it. I thought it’s because of the lighting thus I (forgive me Lord) turned on the flash and tried one more time.

The camera still refuses to focus.

Then a voice inside me whispered, “Don’t disturb him.”

I felt so ashamed. How could I, for the sake of a photo, dare to disturb a priest who was reading a bible? Moreover, I dared to turn on the flash and pointed the camera to him?

The priest seemed to realise that I was trying to take a photo of him, but he kept continue reading the bible. I quickly prayed and apologised to Jesus for being disrespectful and ignorant.

Before you left Vatican City, don’t forget to visit the souvenir shop to buy a rosary, fridge magnet, bible or any memorabilia. Perhaps send yourself a postcard from Vatican City?

vatican city strange things rosary
I got myself a beautiful blue rosary with images of Mother Mary. It’s the colour of her veil and made me calm when I prayed.
vatican city strange things souvenir
The beautiful yet costly fridge magnet, €12. Don’t forget to check the price of the souvenir.
vatican city postcard
My roommate from South Africa, Lourien, sent herself a postcard. It arrived two months later.

I got myself a beautiful blue rosary with images of Mother Mary. I chose blue because it’s the colour of Mother Mary’s robe, moreover I felt blue would bring peace when I pray.

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So, my fellow travellers… be mindful when you want to take photos in sacred places like Vatican City because sometimes, it may not be the best time for you to do it. If you fail, listen to what the universe is trying to tell you.

Ahh… now I feel like returning to Italy. I threw some coins to the Trevi Fountain, I believe that day will come. Wait for my return, Italy <3

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