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God, Why Me? Have a Break at Kenny Hills Bakers Ampang

If you’re reading this, I hope you’re well. I didn’t update the blog last week because I had nothing in mind that I felt was worth it to share. But I do now, especially after a well-deserved break at Kenny Hills Bakers 🙂

No, this isn’t a food review post.

The previous blog, which I shared my vulnerabilities, was surprisingly received a well-response. I thought nobody would care. But turned out, some of them were feeling the same!

God, Why Me?

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‘…in all things God works for the good of those who love him…’

Romans 8:28

Last week, a lot of things happened to me at the same time. I failed a test from my 2-weeks crash course. This course was super important to me because it would define my future, my income.

Then, the tour operator finally emailed me to postpone the trip that I’ve planned since last year (for this, I totally understand).

But then the airline declined to refund my money, and there’s a possibility I wouldn’t be able to reschedule my flight because the new 2021 travel dates are just one day before the original departure.

As some of you already know, we can’t book or reschedule a flight if it’s more than a year in advance. So, if my original departure date is 23 October 2020 and the new departure date is 22 October 2021…

Plus, my parents said they may move out of Malaysia. That means, on top of the possibility of me losing RM3,500 flight tickets, I may have huge additional expenses in the future to rent a place etc.

I asked God, “why me?

Surprisingly, I got the answer from within when I cried out to Him.

God, why does the test have to be tough?
You can do it. I opened this path for you. You will pass the redo test.

God, why does the same thing happened to me?
I lost my flight ticket during difficult times.

I want you to focus on the new path. The amount of the flight ticket is nothing compared to your health.
Can you buy a pair of 100% healthy lungs with it?

In addition, I remember what my mother and sister told me.

When you feel overwhelmed, tackle one problem at one time.

It’s all in your mind. If you think it will be hard before you go through it, you’re only stressing yourself.

If you proceed with the trip, you’re utterly selfish coz you may get infected and infect others.

So, I convinced myself that I could do it and everything would be okay. I calmed down, passed the redo test and even looking forward to renting my own place. My own place!

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A Break at Kenny Hills Bakers, Ampang

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In the past week, I’ve been burning the midnight oil to study, making summary notes and revising for the course. Then, my beloved sister, who is a foodie, invited me for a lunch in a really nice place in Ampang – Kenny Hills Bakers.

I thought, why not? I deserved a break!

I’m glad that I came because it was a pleasant dining experience. From the ambiance, food to service – everything was excellent. It’s pricey but worth it.

al funghi pizza kenny hills bakers ampang_agirlnamedclara
Al Funghi Pizza
truffle mac & cheese with roasted mushroom kenny hills bakers ampang_agirlnamedclara
Truffle Mac & Cheese with Roasted Mushroom
crispy waffle with strawberry blueberry maple syrup cream cheese kenny hills bakers ampang_agirlnamedclara
Crispy Waffles with blueberry compote, blueberries, strawberries, cream cheese and maple syrup dip

Thank you sis for treating me. Next is my turn! In my opinion, Kenny Hills Bakers has some plus points:

  • Spacious – the place is always full but it’s not cramped
  • The managers are always there – they ensure the quality of the food and service are maintained
  • Generous portion – don’t come alone!
  • Lush, beautiful, hippie decoration
  • Plenty of choices – they all look yummy. The Tiramisu (with alcohol) is my favourite!

I came into realisation that having a pleasant dining experience was really refreshing. Before this, I didn’t really care about enjoying food because I wanted to save a lot for travelling and retirement.

When the time comes I have to rent my own place, I might not be able to travel to far destinations. Or, it will take longer for me to save up. And I won’t be able to retire early.

But it’s okay. When things change, it demands a new me.

If you’re reading this, I hope you stay healthy, strong and positive. Try to meditate and ask yourself (or cry out to God), believe you’ll find the answers.

After all, life is bitter and sweet – just like tiramisu. You will get through this.

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