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Why You Should Make Oktoberfest 2020 as Autumn Getaway

As the name itself explain, some of you may be wondering why I’m writing about Oktoberfest 2020 this week. It’s still September, isn’t it too early?


In fact, Oktoberfest 2020 – the world’s largest beer festival and traveling funfair, starts on 21 September and ends on 6 October. Therefore, I’m giving you enough time to book the flight ticket and accommodation should you want to make it as your autumn getaway 😉

Every year, around six million people from around the world will fly to Munich for the beer festival. It will be crowded, but don’t worry. You won’t be smashed like tuna in a can.

oktoberfest decoration airport beer germany agirlnamedclara
You can feel the vibe once you touch down at Munich International Airport

The queue may be long, but the table is arranged nicely and you’ll have ample room to move (or even dance!). Again, don’t worry about the crowd. Drinking beer with a group of happy-go-lucky strangers is better than alone.

The more, the merrier!

I myself isn’t a beer person. I’m a wine person. I got to experience Oktoberfest by accident and I feel so lucky because there’s SO MUCH FUN!

asian tourist traveler girl red cardigan floral skirt oktoberfest green munich airport gemany
I’m all prepared for Oktoberfest #ootd
Red cardigan (Esprit)|White tank top|Floral skirt (Topshop)|Green shoes

Oktoberfest, during the day

So, back in 2015, I booked a trip to Eastern Europe in September. Apparently, the tour started and ended in Munich. I had to agree with a saying ‘beer makes people happy’ as I felt the joyful, Bavarian vibe during my stay.

marienplatz munich germany oktoberfest september
Marienplatz, the central square in Munich
hofbrauhaus oktoberkfest munich germany exterior building signage
One of the most famous beer house in Munich
live band men playing trumpet hofbrauhaus munich oktoberfest germany
See? You won’t go wrong with floral patterns for Oktoberfest!
hofbrauhaus munich germany floral ceiling people drink beer oktoberfest
people gather outdoor drink beer oktoberfest munich
September weather is a bit chilly for an outdoor gathering. Thank God for beers.
group of men costume green hat oktoberfest munich germany
Good vibes only… and beer suspenders!
P.S. You may bring your own suspender and green fedora to celebrate Oktoberfest
mentraditional bavarian clothes costume oktoberfest munich germany
The Bavarian costume
Can’t tell if they’re locals or travelers as people tend to dress up for the festival
tall german man with short petite asian girl drink beer oktoberfest munich
Me: “Hello! Wow, you’re so tall! Can we take a photo?”
Him: “Oh, sure!” :))

Germans are tall, tall, TALL… Like, 1.8m and above. Or maybe I’m just too short hahaha… Anyway. Perhaps because it’s Oktoberfest, nobody batted an eyelid or asked for my ID when I ordered a beer.

The photos above are taken on the first day of my trip. Besides Munich, you can find similar beer tents in other cities too during the festival.

Oktoberfest at Luna Park

Oktoberfest trip isn’t complete without visiting Luna Park at night. The amusement park turns into a massive beer festival! Got a favorite beer in mind? Try to find its tent 😉

female traveler ready oktoberfest train ride to luna park munich germany
We’re ready for Oktoberfest!! It’s our last night and we
paulaner tent oktoberfest luna park munich germany night
couple love standing in front lowenbrau beer tent luna park oktoberfest night
The couple purposedly stood there when I was pointing my camera and… voila!

If you don’t drink beer, why not sample some local street foods? Or dress up for fun and take some photos with strangers? Or have some thrills in the amusement park? There are plenty of attractions to try!

luna park night attraction thrill oktoberfest munich germany
traveler bavarian costume oktoberfest street food luna park night
salmon fish sandwich luna park oktoberfest night munich germany

As someone who loves photography, I decided to part ways with the girls so I could capture a lot of photos. It was a good and not-so-good decision for a female traveler to wandering alone in the Luna Park during Oktoberfest though…

The Good Part

Since I was alone, it’s easier for me to get a seat at the beer tent. I just needed to queue for a while before the waitress showed me a seat. Coincidentally, my table was packed with people who didn’t know each other!

men checkers shirt green hat drinking beer oktoberfest luna park at night munich germany
Dankeschön guys, for letting me take your photo!
*Fashion hint: checkers shirt, knee-length pants, suspender, fedora, men socks & ankle boots
european man asian girl drink beer oktoberfest luna park at night munich germany
Levente Szekely, a Hungarian guy who sat beside me, didn’t manage to get accommodation
and probably would sleep on the street after some beers o.O #hellostrangers

The Not-So-Good Part

thief bad guy caught by policemen oktoberfest luna park at night munich germany
A thief was caught by the policemen

There’re some bad guys in Luna Park! Be careful with your belongings and make sure someone accompanies you when you go to the washroom.

For my case, I was stalked by TWO young men.

So, I was choosing a fridge magnet when the shop owner asked me if the man who was standing at the back was my boyfriend. Surprised, I told her that I came alone. She advised me to be careful because the suspicious man seemed to be following me.

After I thanked her, I walked fastly and tried to find a crowd where I could blend in. I could see that he walked fast behind me, then to my right side. Apparently, his maybe-partner-in-crime walked fast too, at my left side.

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Shoot! There were two of them??

But luckily, our distance was quite big. I wasn’t really sure why they stalked me but thankfully, they didn’t do any harm.

asian european travelers bavarian traditional costume oktoberfest luna park at night munich germany merry go round

To conclude, Oktoberfest is a blast! I wouldn’t mind experiencing it for the second time should I win a flight ticket to Munich, hehe! You can find more details about the festival here.


Before you leave for the beer festival, here’s a very important tip for you: stay conscious so you won’t get hurt when drunk.

Research from ConsumersAdvocate finds your travel insurance won’t cover any damage or medical treatment resulted from alcohol use.

Yup! So if you dance on the table while being drunk, fall down then injured yourself, the medical bill is on you. So does the missed flight because you’re too drunk to wake up for your return flight.

Alright, freunde! Are you ready for Oktoberfest 2020? 🙂


  • Michael Wilson

    I’m so sorry you had that experience with the stalkers. I can’t believe how normal you make it sound, like it’s just part of being a woman. It’s terrible and unacceptable. I’m sorry.

    • theresiaclara

      Hello Michael, there’s no need for you to apologise. Very kind of you… I’ve experienced worse, so that was not a big deal. Perhaps because they didn’t harm me, so I just take it as a lesson to be more cautious with my surroundings when walking alone. If only they say “hi” instead of scaring me hehe 🙂

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