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Turning Thirty

I turned thirty last week. Finally, this petite girl is thirty! I should make sure that I keep petite and not gaining a lot of weight during MCO 2.0 (Movement Control Order) hahaha…

Originally, I’ve planned to celebrate it with my family at the newly-opened Maria’s Signature at KLCC as they’re having a Buy-1-Free-1 Wagyu promotion. Alas, our prime minister announced MCO 2.0 a few days before my big day.

However, I feel grateful and blessed that I and the ones I loved are healthy. Furthermore, it would be my first (and hopefully, the last) birthday during the pandemic. I have a story to tell to young people when I grow old, hehe!

Maria’s SteakCafe & Birthday Cake Surprise

30th birthday meal from maria's steakcafe malaysia agirlnamedclara
Australian Grass-fed Ribeye with rockets, mashed potato and crispy onion

According to some 2021 predictions, we would be blessed financially at the beginning of the year. So, we must save or invest the money and not spending it frivolously.

I’m very grateful that my office provides meal allowance via FoodPanda for the employees, therefore, I could order the ribeye that I’d been eyeing at a lesser price.

On top of that, 2 weeks ago, a rider was lost hence my order was cancelled. So, I requested FoodPanda to refund the lost allowance on my birthday. Hooray, I could save more money!!!

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seafood aglio olio maria's steakcafe malaysia agirlnamedclara
Aglio Olio Seafood
  • Australian Grass-fed Rib Eye (and Earl Grey Tea) x1 = RM60.42
  • Spaghetti Seafood Aglio Olio (and Earl Grey Tea) x1 = RM23.32
  • Fresh Mushroom Soup x2 = RM23.32

Total bill for birthday lunch (+ delivery fee + VAT) = RM104.17
Total amount paid = RM60.57

minions celebration hooray agirlnamedclara
Photo: imgflip

It’s not Wagyu but still delicious, especially the steak juice. The seafood aglio olio was also super. However, the fresh mushroom soup was a bit too salty for me.

As if the daily food allowance wasn’t generous enough, the company also sent me a birthday cake. To my surprise, the cake was from a high end café, Huckleberry!

birthday card from exness agirlnamedclara
huckleberry after dark cake dark chocolate agirlnamedclara
After Dark by Huckleberry
happy birthday cake huckleberry after dark cake red tablecloth spanish scarf agirlnamedclara

Thank you Jesus and my parents who always pray for my happiness xxx

The Invisible Birthday Gift for the 30-year-old Me

january baby love traveling poster kubernetee agirlnamedclara
Photo: kubernetee

I got myself premium, scalp care shampoo and conditioner as my 30th birthday gift.

On my birthday night, my scalp felt so itchy, it woke me up at 3am. I had no dandruff but yes, my skin was oily. And sometimes my eczema would flare up.

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tresemme scalp care tea tree shampoo kerasys scalp care conditioner agirlnamedclara

So, after a productive working day, I went to Watsons and spent more than RM50 on hair care products (okay, they might not be premium products but I usually spend only RM10 for a bottle of shampoo/conditioner).

watsons argan oil anti frizz treatment conditioner agirlnamedclara
This Watsons’ product works well too! My scalp feels fresh and it’s not itchy anymore

They smelled like salon-products. If they don’t work out, I need to get coconut oil for my scalp.

Just kidding. Those are not my birthday presents.

The birthday present for the 30-year-old me, I gave it to myself many days earlier. At the moment, it’s something invisible and I can’t even enjoy it in the near days.

So, what did you get for your birthday, Clara?

I paid some of my 2022 trip installment.

I think I could get the red Tory Burch handbag that I admired outside the shop with the amount that I paid. Anyway, if you love fancy stuff more than travelling, I’m sure we’d share the same feeling when making the payment. That’s how happy I was!

I know, I talked about saving money at the beginning of the year. However, as long as I save and invest dutifully every month, I deserved to be happy.

Alright, that’s how I spent my birthday. I hope all of you are healthy. I’ll try to find good places to share in the next blog posts, somewhere that could lift up your spirit 🙂

Keep your mask on and take care. Cheers!!

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