Палкинъ – Palkin, Where You Can Find the Best Beef Stroganoff in St. Petersburg

The Coronavirus quarantine really makes me miss travelling. Hence, my past travel photos come to the rescue! The further the country is, the better it is mending my travel bug bites.

Some foods are better eaten on the spot than to be delivered, really… this inspired me to write about Палкинъ (Palkin), an amazing restaurant in St. Petersburg, Russia, where you can find the best beef stroganoff.

Beef stroganoff is one of Russian traditional dishes, made of strips of beef and mushroom in a creamy sauce. The dish is served with potato, rice or noodles. If you’re a fan of carbonara or creamy dishes, it’s a must-try when in Russia!

Palkin St Petersburg luxury fine dining poster agirlnamedclara

Actually, the beef stroganoff in Palkin is the only beef stroganoff I’ve ever eaten in my 2-day Russia trip. However, the food was superb and I had a wonderful dining experience there!

So, I (and some travellers) declared it as the best place in St. Petersburg to satisfy your stroganoff craving.

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Wonderful Dining Experience in Palkin, Tchaikovsky’s Favourite Restaurant in Russia

Palkin St Petersburg Russia interior design agirlnamedclara

The day before, I spent an 8 hours return on a bullet train to Moscow only to find the day was stormy. I didn’t have a chance to enjoy Moscow to the fullest, especially to taste the traditional dishes.

So, the next day when I had almost one full day to explore St. Petersburg on my own, I made up my mind. I had to find Palkin and eat beef stroganoff!

I found out about the restaurant on the internet. It received a lot of positive reviews and recommendation from travellers around the world and credible travel websites for its beef stroganoff.


The thing that got me excited the most was knowing that the famous composer, Tchaikovsky, was a regular visitor to the restaurant. Oh yesss!! #sold

With a paper map and help from the locals, finally, I managed to find Palkin. Once you enter, you’ll see red carpets, big staircases and a desk that looks like a hotel reception. Leave your coat/jacket at the reception, they will give you a card (or something) to collect your belongings when you’re done.

girl sitting selfie blue luxurious toilet high end restaurant Palkin St Petersburg Russia agirlnamedclara
Even the toilet is so beautiful, like a blue Royal dressing room
gold dressing table blue toilet Palkin Restaurant St Petersburg Russia agirlnamedclara
The table says, “Welcome, Princess!”
man toilet sign Palkin restaurant Russia agirlnamedclara
What a unique toilet sign! It means “gentlemen”
ladies toilet sign Palkin restaurant Russia agirlnamedclara
It means “ladies”

Palkin was opened on 8 September 1874 and had undergone a few renovations. Originally, the fashionable restaurant had 25 dining halls, a billiard room, private cabinets and a majestic staircase (this one remains, I guess).

Through the years, Palkin was converted into a theatre, a casino then back to a restaurant again in 2002. It is one of the oldest restaurants in St. Petersburg and maintains its original interior design.

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Beef Stroganoff Fine Dining in St. Petersburg

ice bucket smoky fine dining entree Palkin St Petersburg Russia agirlnamedclara

If there’s one thing that makes me a little bit sad when travelling solo, it’s because I have no one to share the food with! Surely, the portion of the beef stroganoff in Palkin, St. Petersburg is too large for me.

Not forget to mention that the restaurant manager and chef were really kind for giving me complimentary selections of bread and homemade butter, appetizer and dessert.

The bread and butter selections were SUPERB. Warm bread with butter… I tried really hard to control myself for not eating too much bread while waiting for my main course.

bread homemade butter selections Palkin Restaurant St Petersburg Russia agirlnamedclara
Palkin’s homemade original, garlic and herbs butter
liver pâté appetizer Palkin St Petersburg fine dining restaurant Russia agirlnamedclara
Liver pâté as appetizer

By the time I had my first bite of Beef Stroganoff a la Palkin, I was in heaven. The beef was so tender, cut in thin slices with mushroom. The sauce was so creamy and nice. Even the mashed potato was beautiful and nice too.

I wanted to cry. #satisfied

beef stroganoff a la Palkin agirlnamedclara
Beef Stroganoff a la Palkin
fruit sorbet dessert Palkin luxury fine dining St Petersburg Russia agirlnamedclara
Fruit sorbet as dessert

After a very long walk around St. Petersburg, with the price of RM93 (original: RUB 1690), I feel the portion and quality of the food serve the price well.

I surprised myself for almost clearing the plate as the dish was really delicious!

So, the next time you visit St. Petersburg, Russia, remember to spare an extra budget for a wonderful dining experience in Palkin. Beef stroganoff is a traditional dish that you shouldn’t miss!

Палкинъ – Palkin
Nevsky prospekt, 47, St. Petersburg, Russia

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