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Other Things to See in Toraja Besides Ke’te Kesu and Londa

There are three main reasons why most people intrigued to visit Toraja, Indonesia: Ke’te Kesu, Londa and the funeral ceremonies. But actually, there are other wonderful things to see when you’re there!

I could write a lot of blog posts about Toraja but there won’t be a lot to read as some of them are short visits. Or perhaps it’s I who want to finish writing about Toraja (hint: look at the Countries page, there are many places that I haven’t written about).

Ok, without further ado, here are some places or things that you shouldn’t miss when in Toraja, Sulawesi, Indonesia:

The Erotic Mountain at Buntu Kabobong, Bambapuang

erotic mountain gunung erotis sulawesi buntu kabombong bambapuang_agirlnamedclara

Because the shape of the mountain looks like… yes, you see that right 😉

Lolai, To’tombi – Negeri di Atas Awan aka The Land on the Cloud

asian girl sit down in frot wanita duduk depan totombi sign_agirlnamedclara

People wake up as early as 3 or 4am to catch the sunrise at To-tombi. Rudi was the one who informed me about this place, so we went together.

It’s called The Land on the Cloud not only because it’s high on top of the mountain but also during the early hour, the thick mist will cover the area. Soon, you’ll feel like standing on top of the cloud!

man bicycle pria sepeda negeri di atas awan to'tombi thick mist kabut tebal_agirlnamedclara
Rudi brought his bicycle with him. He went down the hill cycling!

Thanks to the driver, Mr. Asri who’s willing to send us there in the wee hour!

The Cave Grave (somewhere near Ke’te Kesu’)

The Baby Grave, Kambira

baby grave tree kambira toraja_agirlnamedclara

Every newborn baby who died before teething will be buried inside a giant tree. It was bizarre to me, but I remember reading an article about burying people in a pod, then the corpse will turn into fertilizer!

The Ancient Megalithic Burial Site, Bori

traveler wanita pose berdiri depan kompleks megalit bori toraja_agirlnamedclara
ancient megalith burial site bori toraja girl traveler look in awe_agirlnamedclara
kompleks megalith bori cliff grave toraja_agirlnamedclara

Jesus the Redeemer Statue at Burake Hills, Makale

jesus christ the redeemer statue burake hills makale bird eye view blue sky background_agirlnamedclara
wanita traveler pose di tangga bukit burake makale toraja indonesia background langit biru_agirlnamedclara
traveler girl stand awe burake hills makale cantik_agirlnamedclara

It’s not Rio but this 40 meters height Jesus the Redeemer statue is located in South Sulawesi! It was a sunny and shower rain in Burake Hills, with wonderful view.

The Traditional Weaving Village, Sa’dan

girl weaving cotton with local wanita rambut panjang menyulam kapas dengan nenek sadan toraja_agirlnamedclara
It’s not as easy as it looks! They’re afraid the tradition will perish as not many youngster interested to learn the traditional cotton weaving technique
cotton plant tanaman kapas_agirlnamedclara
Have you ever seen a cotton plant?

Tempe Lake, Bira Beach and Makassar

You can read my stories about Tempe Lake and Bira Beach in the previous posts. From Bira Beach, you can proceed to Makassar, the capital city of South Sulawesi.

Visit Museum Negeri La Galigo, which is located inside a 17th-century Dutch colonial Fort Rotterdam. Also, remember to sample some traditional food!

coto makassar_agirlnamedclara
Coto Makassar
es pisang ijo green banana shaved ice traditional dessert makassar_agirlnamedclara
Green banana shaved ice aka es pisang ijo
gulai ikan sengkang sulawesi selatan_agirlnamedclara
Gulai ikan, Sengkang
makassar food chicken in bamboo paddy field background restoran bukit indah pare pare_agirlnamedclara
Bamboo chicken
roti bakar coklat susu keju toast with milk cheese chocolate tea time_agirlnamedclara
It’s not a traditional snack but my favourite – toast with chocolate, cheese and condensed milk
nasi goreng telor mata kerupuk fried rice with cracker sunny side up_agirlnamedclara
Nobody goes to Indonesia without eating fried rice!
little girl eat nasi goreng fried rice anak perempuan makan nasgor  toraja_agirlnamedclara
Me and Rudi devouring the delicious gado-gado and fried rice

See? There are many wonderful things to see and experience in Toraja besides Ke’te Kesu, Londa and the funeral ceremonies! A week may sound too rush, but it’s enough for you to visit all those places.

I hope you enjoy the post 🙂

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